Micro Hydropower

Starting Point


One of the most important United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. AquaZoom makes this hope a reality. 

Our Services provided

Conceptual WebDesign, Promotion Material, Video SEO, Social Media

AquaZoom needed a website that makes the company stand out and features its patented and award-winning Vortex Micro Hydro Power Plant technology.

Our Approach


AquaZoom has developed into a leading pioneer in micro-hydro power and wants to spread its patented fluidization technology worldwide. The company strives for electricity generation in harmony with nature. The challenge was to design a strong website presence that conveys the company’s outstanding Vortex Micro Hydro Power technology and its green mission statement. We balance those two aspects with a strategic use of the soft green color, visualization by high-class images, and the fluency of the website. The already existing logo, color- and font schemes were incorporated, as well.



As usual, we first created a strategic Marketing flow-diagram for the AquaZoom website, ensuring that the desired outcomes are achieved by the WebDesign. To create an instant WOW-effect when visiting the company’s website, we embeded a captivating video that mirrors the mission statement of AquaZoom. Throughout the pages, we applied a sliding background image of splashing water on a rock. Semi-transparencies, customized background videos with water effects, and special animations on scroll create a unique website experience.

“Fanny created a complete make-over of our corporate website. The process was extremely efficient. Within one month, we went from a strategic concept to the visual design and going live.”


– Dr. R. Voegeli –  CEO of AquaZoom, Switzerland

“The underlying process flow of the website resulted in a constant flow of customer contacts and project opportunities.”


– Dr. R. Voegeli –  CEO of AquaZoom, Switzerland



AquaZoom offers a documentation kit on its website, which needed to be aligned to the branding and website design. This time, we focussed on the elegant indigo blue color scheme to design “bridges” between the various content parts of the brochure.

business cards


AquaZoom operates with subsidiaries in Germany, UK, and India. We created an elegant Business Card design, that allows to include the headquarter address of Switzerland. The challenge was to offer all relevant information – and giving a feeling of aesthetic space as well.



Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand. To display a congruent overall branding, we designed AquaZoom banners for Google+, Twitter and YouTube. Additionally, we supported a successful AquaZoom fundraising project on Twitter by customized posts.

video SEO


One of our specialties at Media Press Association is to optimize the ranking of YouTube videos. Therefore, we improved various AquaZoom videos to get them featured on Google’s page 1.

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Fanny to anyone.”


– Dr. R. Voegeli –  CEO of AquaZoom, Switzerland