Astrid Fassbind

Starting Point


Astrid Fassbind is an Ayurveda expert, who has published two books about healthy weight-loss and anti-aging. Astrid was aware of the fact that the use of video content in marketing and public relations was becoming increasingly popular and realized the power it holds in reaching her audience. Therefore, she wanted us to produce a video for each of her two books, which she intended to feature on the landing page of her website.

Our Services provided

Video Production & Editing

She wanted us to produce a Marketing video for each of her two books.

Our Approach


Authenticity is an important part of a successful video marketing campaign. Therefore, we wanted Astrid primarily to be herself by making her feel comfortable during the video shootings. Having fun and enjoying the process helps the client to relax and show the true personality. Finally, we designed customized video thumbnail pictures to align her branding.

Video editing


An opening part with starlight forms the prelude to the video. We underlined the video with spirited, light music to balance the customer’s calm personality. Critical keywords of her message are highlighted with visual text overlays. Subtle cross fades of the video sequences, as well as nuances of the close-up keep the observer’s engagement upright.

The collaboration with Fanny was awesome. I even received compliments for my videos by professional experts.


-Astrid Fassbind – AyurvedaFassbind, Schweiz