Special purposes English

Kuldip Virdee



Studies show that more and more multinationals require English as a corporate language. Business English, however, includes specific terms. Therefore, SPECIAL PURPOSES ENGLISH offers tailor-made programs for individuals, companies and institutions. This corporate concept requires a clear and high-quality performance.


Branding, Conceptual WebDesign, Promotion Material

The corporate concept of SPECIAL PURPOSES ENGLISH requires a clear and high-quality performance.



Learning is a process that grows our abilities step by step to the desired level of mastership. Media Press Association integrates this idea into the distinctive logo of SPECIAL PURPOSES ENGLISH.



The logo of a company sets the starting point for the design of all means of communication. Regarding our client SPECIAL PURPOSES ENGLISH, the lines in blue and purple tones symbolize the mind and visualize the ascending learning path to the winner’s pedestal in the orange-gold color. The pure, straightforward font type in the logo reflects the goal-oriented approach of the training programs of SPECIAL PURPOSES ENGLISH.

I appreciate Fanny’s practical experience of online Marketing.


– Kuldip Virdee, Founder of SPECIAL PURPOSES ENGLISH

“In particular, I like the personal touch of my website. Furthermore, it is straightforward and highly user-friendly.”


– Kuldip Virdee, Founder of SPECIAL PURPOSES ENGLISH



Our WebDesigns build on a individual strategic marketing concepts to ensure that each website delivers the desired results. The name SPECIAL PURPOSES ENGLISH demands a high-quality and special design, which stands out from other websites. The split banner with overflowing animation effects creates that desired WOW effect. The colors of the logo are discreetly reflected throughout the entire WebDesign.



The branding of SPECIAL PURPOSES ENGLISH runs like a red thread throughout all communication channels. The professional appearance of the brochure strengthens the recognition value and gives a foretaste of the quality, which the trainings of SPECIAL PURPOSES ENGLISH offer.