Villa Kunterbunt

daycare for children

Starting Point


Villa Kunterbunt is a small family daycare center, which operates under the supervision of the canton of Grisons. A team of female specialists creates an atmosphere with a sense of security that allows a child to unfold its personality and approach the world with self-confidence.

Our Services provided

Branding & WebDesign

The children’s day care center Villa Kunterbunt needed a website that conveys the values of warmth and security.

Our approach


We all know the situation when a toddler comes to visit. We remove all sharp-edged objects that could pose a risk of injury and also provide sufficient space to play and explore. Accordingly, our website design reflects a child-friendly environment that stimulates parents to trust the child carers at Villa Kunterbunt.



Colors and soft shapes carry a positive emotion into the website of Villa Kunterbunt and convey the perfect environment for every child. The existing logo can pass beyond the borders of the navigation bar and is symbolic for the free development of the children’s personalities. Playful animations, such as the swinging of the name in the title page of the website, make for an entertaining discovery of the information. The important contents are airily packed and clearly visible with colorful symbols. Generally, this website convinces with a harmonious balance of playfulness and seriousness.

“Nothing can convey our name Villa Kunterbunt better than colors. Fanny’s new design illustrates this splendidly – we are thrilled!”


– Karin Murnig – Head of Villa Kunterbunt, Chur/Schweiz

“We are repeatedly addressed on our website. Also, the new website has significantly increased the requests for Kita places.”


– Karin Murnig – Head of Villa Kunterbunt, Chur/Schweiz