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Starting Point


Wind & Friends is a water-sports center, located at one of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca. White sand, fantastic wind situations, and outstanding service make clients come back over and over again. However, the website still had potential for improvement and required more captivating and emotional copywriting. We created new texts for all courses of the categories Sailing – Windsurfen – Catamaran.

Our Services provided

Website Copywriting

The website still had potential for improvement and required more captivating and emotional copywriting.

Our Approach


We aimed for creating website textes, that make Wind&Friends stand out from the competition and generate great ranking results on Google. We avoided acrobatic with words, and instead worked on textes, that pull the reader into the feeling of a live experience.

Fanny,the dramaturgy of your texts is unbeatable. By comparison, even Hitchcock’s birds are just like a boring Sunday walk.


-Marian Beutel – Director & Owner of Wind&Friends S.L. Mallorca  

Usually around noon you hear the clatter of the traps on the masts and your sailor’s heart beates higher, because the thermal winds are back. This is the time when one says “Leash off!” for the training program named – Sailing Special. For many years, our water sports center has enjoyed the exclusive privilege of being on one of the most beautiful and longest (12 km) beaches of Majorca. From afar you can see the colorful sails of our boats. This fantastic location in the wide bay of Alcudia ensures reliable thermal winds and provides unforgettable sailing pleasure …

With the sun in your heart and sunscreen on your skin, you are walking light-footed across the warm white sand to our windsurfing school. You carry a smile on your lips and can not wait to implement the newly learned of the past few days. Meanwhile, you are speaking in the jargon of windsurfers and are proud of the achievements. Looking back on your first day of class as a beginner has not only changed your skills, but also your self-confidence in dealing with the new sport …

Only one hull touches the waves, while the other rises to the sky. Higher and higher. The speed of the catamaran catapults the adrenalin through your veins. Every cell of your being cheers. You bring the sails closer – gradually. The wind pressure increases and the ridge between flying and capsizing becomes noticeably tighter. You know about the risk. But it’s about exploring the boundaries between the possible and the impossible, leaving limits behind and getting better …

Fanny, your creativity will lead people to read our website like a book. I just hope that we don’t provoque a collapse on the internet!


-Marian Beutel – Director & Owner of Wind&Friends S.L. Mallorca