“We design and develop experiences that stick in mind.”


What is your recognition value? We help you shape your branding in all aspects of your business.


Today a company’s website represents the trustworthiness and quality of the products and services.


We help you to spread your word and build your tribe with social media marketing and list building.

“No one remembers you for standing in the crowd. But they do remember you for standing out of it. We help you with that.

Talented & experienced

The Faces behind Media Press Association

Fanny Ritter Milz

Creative Director


Owning a Master in Business Administration and Marketing, Fanny combines her extensive expertise with compelling design.

Urs Milz

Board Member & IT


Numerous years of professional expertise in IT Project Management ,  Urs consistenly demonstrates how to achieve outstanding results.


We believe that strategy is actually very straightforward. Choose to perform differently than competitors and deliver a unique mix of values.


Professionalism means consistency in quality. It means knowing how to do it – when to do it – and doing it. For us, it’s a noble frame of mind.

03. Loyal

We believe in loyalty above everything. It’s all or nothing with us. We stay true to you and are 100% confidential about your business.

What’s next?

What’s next?